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For English-Speaking Students

The SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM OF READING ARABIC is specially devised for English-speaking students who find it difficult to learn to read Arabic through the Arabic or Urdu method.  It differs from those methods in that only English terms are used throughout, so the English speaker is not unnecessarily subjected to difficult Arabic or Urdu terms.  When one is learning to read, it is how one PRONOUNCES the words that is important.  To arrive at the correct pronunciation, one must have a system of joining the sounds of the letters together.

It is important to note that this is a system that teaches how to READ Arabic, not write or speak it.  It teaches the student how to easily recognize the letters of the Arabic alphabet in all their forms as they will appear in actual Arabic words, and how to pronounce them.


The beauty of this system is that no previous knowledge of Arabic is necessary for one to begin this course.  Once the alphabet (Lesson 1) is committed to memory, the student's progress and success will depend on his or her own effort.


Thousands of students around the world have learnt to read Arabic through the SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM.  They can attest to its simplicity and effectiveness.


The dissemination of knowledge is our duty to each other and God.  May He guide you in your efforts and may He accept my humble endeavor and bless it with success.


- Haniff Bagh Khan


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